For almost all customers, you are able to manage the billing of your intelligentcontract account online. 

The Billing area is available for access only by the Key User for the account, and will display different options depending on if your account is still within a Trial, is a Free Account, or is a paid Account.  To access the billing area, click on the Billing icon at the bottom of the black navigation bar.

Fig 1 - Billing Access

Plan Status

The Plan Status section is always available at the top right of the Billing screen. This Plan Status block details your selected Plan and Free Trial End Date, or Renewal Date if you already have a paid account.

Click on the cog icon to open up more information detailing:

  • User limits and current levels
  • Contract limits and current levels

Fig 2- Plan Status for a Free Trial

Fig 3 - Plan Status for a Paid Account

Fig 4 - Plan Status for a Free Account

Billing Options Whilst in Trial

If you are still within Trial you will have the following four options available:

Change Trial Plan

When you create a Trial, the Plan that is selected is Professional - at any time during the Trial, you can switch Plans to see the different features that are available.

Click on the option and a pop up screen will display showing you the Plans available.

Fig 5 - Switching Plans

Each plan will detail its associated features so you can decide which Plan you would like to switch to. At the bottom of the page, there buttons titled [Switch to this Plan]. Click on one of these and your Trial will update to the new plan, and your Trial will now have all the associated features to reflect it.  

You can switch back and forth as many times as you'd like, if would you like to make comparisons.  More information about how to switch plans can be in this article.

Close Account

This option is available if you wish to cancel your Trial account.  By default all trials expire after 14 days, but if you wish to close the trial earlier this this, then you can use this option.  We keep a record of your data for 6 months, in case there is a requirement to re-activate the account. After 6 months however, all data is permanently deleted from our servers.

Fig 6 - Closing a Free Trial

Change Key User

The person that created the trial is allocated as the Key User for the account.  The Key User will ultimately be the main contact that we will consult with in regards to everything to do with the account. If any alterations to the account or data are required, then the Key User will be asked for confirmation beforehand.  If either during or after trial, this Key User needs to be changed, then it can be done via this option. Full details of how to change a Key User can be found in this article.

Start Subscription

The orange [Start Subscription] button allows you to subscribe to an intelligentcontract account. When pressed, you will be presented with the option to confirm your required Plan, User Levels, and also any additional requirements that you may have to create the correct subscription for your organisation.  Please refer to this article, which explains how to move from a Free Trial to a Paid Account.

Billing Options for a Free Account

If you have subscribed to an intelligentcontract Free Account, then your account will be limited to the features that can be used. Throughout the account you will see blue [Upgrade] buttons, allowing you to upgrade your account at any time to open up access to the feature.

Note: The [Upgrade] buttons will also be present if you have chosen our Team plan

Fig 7 - Upgrade buttons

The Billing area for a Free Account will also have the Close Account and Change Key User options as detailed above.  You will also have the option to Upgrade to a paid account by pressing the [Upgrade] button at any time, this will then take to through the Subscription process, please refer to this article for more details.

Billing options for a Paid Account

If you already subscribe to an intelligentcontract Paid Account, then your Billing options will include the ability to change the Key User as detailed above, but also to change your Subscription and update your existing Billing information.

Change Subscription

This option will allow you to change your subscription details, and switch to a different Plan.  Once you have made your adjustments, you will be processed through the checkout to confirm your changes.  Please refer to this article, which explains in detail the checkout process and options.

Note: If you are a Customer on an old Plan then you will have the ability to increase and decrease User levels, and if you have already subscribed to Add Ons, then you can adjust these values as well.

Fig 8 - Changing Subscription

Billing and Payments

This option allows you to update your existing Billing information. You can add and adjust Billing Account details, Contacts, Addresses, and Payment Methods.  There is also the option to view previous invoices.  Please refer to these articles that detail the Billing and Payments functionality.

Fig 9 - Billing & Payments