To add new Users to your account first navigate to Configuration > Users & Permissions > Users.  A summary table of all current Users on the system will be displayed, you can view and edit User details here.  The columns that are displayed on your Summary screen view can be altered to reflect the information you require. Please click here to learn more about Editing a View.

Creating a new User and Person record

Add a new User by clicking on the New (+) button. A Person record is required first before the new User record can be created.  You will be able to select an existing Person record from the system by clicking in the Person field, where a full list of existing People will be displayed [you can use the filter and search options if required].

Fig 1 - Selecting a Person record

If the Person does not exist you can create a new Person record one by clicking on the 'Add New Person' option at the bottom of the list and the Person form will be displayed.  

Fig 2 - Creating a Person record

Fill out the relevant name and contact fields, making sure that you enter a valid email address and checking the 'Enable Communication' checkbox to allow them to receive a joining email.  Save the Person record and the value will be populated in the Person field of the User record.

Note: If you do create a Person record in this way they they still must be associated to an Internal Party, this must be done  via the Person record that you have created, if you did not allocated a Party when you created the Person record it can be done after you have created the User record.

Go into the Person record and update the 'Party' field with an internal Party record.  This is required to flag this Person record as Internal, if they are not linked to an Internal Party then they are classed as External.  This is important if you are Using the 'Role' option for your Alerts, Alerts assigned to a Role rather than a specific Person will only ever go out to internal People, if their person record is not linked to an Internal Party then they will NOT receive the Alert.

Fig 2 - Person Link to an Internal Party

Fig 3 - Internal person warning for an Alert

User Details

Within the User Details section you will assign the new Users access rights. There are 3 types of Users:

  • An Administrator User has access to the Configuration section and is allowed to change system settings, such as Changing Form Layouts and Creating New Custom fields
  • A Full User is able to View, Edit and Create, Delete new and existing data, depending on the permissions given, but they do NOT have access to the Configuration area.
  • Read Only User is able only able to View data, Run Reports and Approve Contracts.

Fig 4  New User

  • Person - Click in the field to select the Person you wish to create as a User [the search and filter options can be used]
  • Username - Add a Username for the User - this can be any value but if you do enter an email address then system notifications will NOT be sent to this email address, all notifications will go to the Person record email value. if you enter a value that has already been used an error message will display.
  • User Permissions:

Administrator? - Tick this box to give the User Administrator access 

Regular User - If this User is created with no permission flags ticked it will make them a Read-only user.  Optionally you can specify permissions for them using one or more of the 4 flags.

  • Can Create. This will allow a user to add new records to your account
  • Can Edit. This allows a user to update existing records in your account
  • Can Delete and Can Archive contract whether a user can delete or archive existing records

  • Assign Licence - By default this is ticked for each new User created. Untick and the licence is removed and the User will not be able to log into the account.  
  • Prevent Login? - Tick this box if you wish to temporarily prevent the User to log into the account - the User will not be able to access the account until this checkbox is unchecked
  • Two Factor Authentication - Tick this box if you wish the User to use Two Factor Authentication to log in, please click here fore more details on this feature
  • Start Date - Enter a Start date for the New User if required
  • End Date - Enter an End Date for this User if required 
  • Password:

You have two options for the Password setting, you can either:


Email a "Set Your password" link to the User - if selected, this will email the New User with a link so they can set their own password.

Specify password (Note: User is NOT sent a notification) - if selected, you will specify and confirm a password yourself and then manually tell the User what you have selected. This second option will not generate an email to the new User, so when creating the User, you may want to use the first option.

  • Login Options:

Each account can set their preferences to how Users can log into the account either via the normal intelligentcontract Login portal, via Office 365, Google Account or a Single Sign One tool such as oneLogin or a generic SAML  Authentication tool.  More information can be found in this article.

By default the account settings are applied to each new User but you can choose to override and tick the options preferable.

So for example by default you may allow all your Users to log in via the normal IC login portal but for a particular User you may not wish them to have that option and they may have to use a SSO for security purposes.  If you choose override and tick a SSO option then when they try to log in via the IC login portal they will be told to log into the SSO first.

For more information about OnLogin click here:

For more information about general SAML authentication click here:

  • Shadow User - Rather than passing around each others passwords, the Shadowing functionality is where you allow another User to see all the Contracts this Person normally sees. Assign the Shadow User to give them access to that Users search and filter options.

Note: To create a standard Full User click the 'Regular User' option and tick all the permission box's

Note: If a User no longer needs access to the system, simply untick the 'Assign Licence' checkbox and they will no longer be able to log into the account. Users without an assigned licence do not count towards your plans limit for total Users. This allows you to remove access for an unneeded User whilst still retaining the User on record.  

You also have the option to Delete a User record, the past Audit records are not affected and if this User is referd to in a record then they will have the suffix of (deleted).

Note: If you have assigned a licence to a User but the either the 'Prevent Login' has been ticked or the 'End Date' has been reached, this will still count toward your User licences until you uncheck the 'Assign Licence' checkbox.


  • My Supervisor is - When using the Approval feature, you'll have the option to 'Allow User to submit for approval using Supervisor Hierarchy'. To enable this, all Users involved must be assigned a Supervisor.  Use the search function to assign a Supervisor for the User.  Click here to learn more about Approvals.

Once you have completed all the relevant User field details, press [Save]. Once saved, an automatic email will be sent to the new User with a link inviting them to log into the account. New Users will be asked to change their password the first time they log in.

Note: If you try to assign more Users then you have a licence for, the system will alert you and you'll then have the option to either remove an existing Users licence and assign it to a New User, or you can contact us on 0333 3443905 or to increase your licences.