You can create and manage values for the ‘Contract Type’ field required on all contracts.  Navigate to Configuration > Values > Define Value Sets.

On the Define Value Sets page there is a data tree containing the field names for each field that contains a drop down list value.  Expand these field names to see which values are set as options. 

To add a new Contract Type highlight the Contract Type folder and right click, you will have an option to 'Create New Value'. This will create a new value for Contract Type which can be named as required.  

Fig 1 - Contract Types

You can Delete, Archive or Rename these values by highlighting them and right clicking to see the options.

Fig 2 - Editing options

Note: For more information on Value Sets please view this article

Contract Hierarchy

You have the ability to create a hierarchy of Contract Types, this will aid you if you have various sub categories of contracts that need to be identified, such as Customer Contracts.  By creating a hierarchy you are then able to search and report either generically or for a specific Type of contract.

  • Right click over the required Contract Type
  • Select Create New Value
  • Enter new value name and press return
  • Repeat until all required values are entered

Fig 3 - Hierarchy of Contract Types

The screen will now display a new tag against the top level value, the tag can be opened and all the sub values can be viewed.  These values can be Deleted, Archived or Renamed as explained above.  To add more values to the group, right click on the top level value and select Create New Value as before.

Form Layouts

Once you have created your Contract hierarchy then you are able to configure your contract layouts as normal, the Contract Form layout screen has a Contract Type drop down list field that will allow you to select either a top level or sub value.  If you select a top level values you can then create a generic layout - this layout will then apply to all its sub values.  Or you can select a specific Contract Type, each of the sub values are displayed linked the top level value separated by a pipe.

Fig 4 - Form Layout Contract Type drop down list

TIP: You can use the search box within the drop down list to display only relevant values, if you enter text here then the drop down list will filter accordingly - if you enter just the sub value (eg Property) the the list will update accordingly

To the right of the Contract Type field is a button that will display the Contract Type is their hierarchical view, the top level tags can be opened to view all the sub values below.  You can use this option to select your Contract Types if preferred.

Fig 5 - Form Layout Contract Type hierarchy list

Creating a new Contract

If you have created a Contract Type with Sub values that this will be presented within the new Contract form.  When you create a new Contract the Contract Type field will display the drop down list or hierarchy view options, when selected, the correct Contract layout will be displayed.

Fig 6 - Contract Types in a new Contract form