What is Onelogin?

Onelogin is single sign on (SSO) software that allows you to unify your Active Directory, LDAP, G Suite, and Workday directories.   No more remembering multiple User names and Passwords; sign in once and you are done! A single password will give you access to a portal where you can access all your associated corporate apps in the cloud and behind the firewall without having to login into each one individually.

Intelligentcontract has partnered with Onelogin so once you have logged into your Onelogin account, you are also automatically logged into intelligentcontract.              

How do I install this plugin?

Navigate to: Configuration => Plugins => 'Manage Plugins'

Fig 1 - Manage Plugins in Configuration

  • The screen will open up and display all the available plugins that can be used with intelligentcontract. Choose the Onelogin option, and click [Install].

Fig 2 - Onelogin installation

  • You will then be presented with an install screen with instructions and a series of fields to complete.  To enter the correct values, you will first need to add the intelligentcontract app to your Onelogin account.  
  • Keep this screen open and open up a new browser window.

Fig 3 - Onelogin installation

  • Log in to your organisation's OneLogin account and navigate to the Admin section.
  • Click on the APPS menu item at the top, and then the Company Apps link.
  • Click on ADD APPS.

Fig 4 - Onelogin Add Apps

  • Type intelligentcontract into the search box to filter through the apps to find us.

Fig 5 - Find intelligentcontract

  • Click on the intelligentcontract item in the search results.
  • Click the Save button.

Fig 6 - Adding the intelligentcontract App

  • Click on the SSO tab at the top of the page - you will be presented with the values required to add to the fields into intelligentcontract.

Fig 7 - SSO details

  • Copy the contents of the Issuer URL, SAML 2.0 Endpoint, and SLO Endpoint fields into the fields of the same name in intelligentcontract.
  • Click on the View details link underneath the X.509 Certificate field.

Fig 8 - Certificate Details

  • Copy the contents of the X.509 Certificate field (including the BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END CERTIFICATE lines) into the field of the same name in intelligentcontract.
  • Click on the Configuration tab at the top of the OneLogin page, and enter the value displayed in the intelligentcontract Instructions section into the Customer Number field.

Fig 9 - Customer Number

TIP: This Customer Number is unique for every intelligentcontract Customer. Use the value that is displayed within your Instructions section, not any of these examples.

Fig 10 - IC Customer Number

  • Click Save on the OneLogin config page.

You should now have entered all the data required on the intelligentcontract page.

Do not forget to enter the SSO login URL field - this must include the https:// prefix - this will provide your users with a direct link to you SSO login page if they are not already signed in.

Fig 11 - Completed intellgentcontract fields

  • Click the [Install] button on this page.

You are now ready to use intelligentcontract via your Onelogin portal.            

User Login Options

Once you have installed the Onelogin Plugin, you are then able to restrict how users are able to log in to your Intelligentcontract account. Admin ~ Users & Permissions ~  User Login Options

Fig 12 - User Login Options

When you click on the "User Login Options", you are able to select which of the available login options you would like to allow for your account.

Fig 13 - User Authentication Settings

By restricting users to login by OneLogin only, you are able to control access to your intelligentcontract account. Only users that have access to OneLogin will now have access to Intelligentcontract. If you have linked Onelogin to your organisation's Microsoft ActiveDirectory, this will allow you to effectively control access to Intelligentcontract via your ActiveDirectory.

Where can I get further help?

Further information about Onelogin is available via the [More Info] button, and there is a direct link to Onelogin's support site via the [Help and Support] button. You can also contact us here at support.intelligentcontract.com, and we will be happy to help you.

Fig 14 - Help