Reports are generated from the main Reporting Summary screen.  If you click on the actual report row, then the system thinks you are trying to run the report, and will open the Report Creation screen. You can also click on the [>] Run button to the left of the report ID column. 

If you wish to Edit a Report, you will have the option in the Run Report screen. Alternatively, you can right click over the [...] More Action button and an option to Edit the Report is displayed.

Note: The [...] More Action and Run options do not appear until you hover over the column with your mouse.

Fig 1 - Report Summary screen.

Run Report screen

The Run Report screen will display a Preview panel of report data, along with the Report Filters and some Report Options.  As with the Report generation screen, if you wish to see more of the preview panel, then the Filter and Report Option panels can be closed using the slider.

Fig 2 - Run Report screen

The screen lists the report Filter fields in the orange Filter panel.  The existing values within the Filter can be changed if you have ticked the 'Allow Edit' option when creating the filter. To update the filter values, click on the cog icon on the relevant filter and the applicable pop up will appear with the current saved values. You can change the filter values and save - the report filters displayed with the report Title will update accordingly.

Note: Changing the filter values in this screen will not update the original settings on the report, only for this run of the report. If you wish to permanently change the filter settings then you must edit the report.  You can either use the [Edit] button in this screen, or go back to the Report Summary screen and Edit the report as normal.

Note: Reports are generated in a new web browser session, please make sure that you have allowed pop ups from our site or have added us as a trusted site to allow the Report to generate - if you have us blocked then the Report will generate and nothing will appear.  Adjust your browser settings and run the Report again it will generate in a new browser window.

Report Options and Generation

You can select your report output in the Report Options panel. You can choose a format of CSV or PDF, and also choose the size and orientation of the report for a PDF.  The default output is CSV.

Press [Run] and the report will be generated.

Fig 3 - Created Report

If you have selected a PDF then the report will open immediately; if you have selected CSV then you will be asked where you wish to save your report. Save and then open the CSV file to view your report data.

If you have opted to have additional display options such a Filter details and report run information, then these will be displayed on your PDF report

Fig 4 - Created Report with added Display Options