If you require technical support it might be sometimes necessary for a support agent to access your Intelligentcontract account. An agent can only access your account if you explicitly give them access to your account.

How do I provide Access to my Account?

If you require technical support and require a support agent accesses your account to diagnose a problem, then you will need allow access to your account.

You must be an administrator to allow support to access your account.

The following steps explain how to allow support access to your account:

1. Click on the cog to access the configuration menu.

2.    On the Support tile, click on “Manage Access”

  • Finally set the date and time up to which support will have access to your account. Note that the time specified reflects your accounts local time

Please note:
- If the support agent make any changes to the data in your account these changes will be marked in the audit log as being performed by “support” and indicate the email address of the support agent
- When the date and time specified passes, access will automatically be revoked.
- You are able to revoke access at any time by changing the “manage access” option to “No”