The Notification History screen allows you to review all email correspondence that has been sent out of your intelligentcontract account.  The screen will display all automatic system generated emails (such as forgotten passwords) and account created emails (such as Alerts, Tasks and Approval Requests).

Sometimes, you may need to check when and to who a specific email has been sent. This screen will allow you to view all emails; using filters, you can identify the required email record.

Navigate to: Configuration => Users => Notification History

Fig 1 - Notification History

The Notification History Summary display will list every email that has been sent out of your intelligentcontract account.

Fig 2 - Notification History Summary screen

The columns in the screen display pertinent information about the sending of the email:

  • Person - The Person the email was sent to
  • To Address - The email address the email was sent to
  • Date sent - Date and Time the email was sent (local account time)
  • From Address - The email address the email was sent from*
  • Email Type - The Type of email that was sent (such as an Alert Reminder, Approval Request, Reset Password link, etc.)
  • Bounced - Yes or No indicator if the email was bounced back to our server
  • Bounce Reason - The reason for the bounced email, such as an invalid email address

Note: A bounce on any email will result in the 'Communication Enabled' tick box to be switched off again the person record.  No more notification will be sent to that email address unless this tick box is checked again.

If you do receive a bounce, after the bounce issue is resolved, check all email addresses that were affected and ensure that their 'Communication Enabled' is switched on again to allow them to receive intelligentcontract Notifications.

  • Related Items - This is the record Title or Name along with the records ID.  For example, if you have sent a Contract for Approval, then the Contract Title will be displayed. If this is an Alert email, then the Title of the Alert record will be displayed.  System email will not contain any text here, you can identify what the email was about by the Email Type.

*Note: If you account is set to have a different 'From' email address than the system default of '', then your specific email address will be displayed here.

Filters can be used in the screen to restrict the results and find the specific record that you are looking for. When found, click on the record and a pop up will display a preview of the email that was sent out for your review.  Each preview will contain active links and buttons, that can be used to open up the specific record in a new browser window.

Fig 3 - Email Preview

As the email preview contains live links and buttons, some email Previews will be restricted. These will be emails that contain sensitive information such as Administrator and Key User password reset links, so they cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.

Notification Bounces

If for any reason an email notification is bounced the 'Communication Enabled' tick box against the Person record is automatically set to 'No' to prevent any further bounces - this must be set back to 'Yes' once the bounce issue has been resolved so they can continue to receive intelligentcontract email notifications.