There are five options to trigger Rules and apply Actions using Automation: 'On Creation''On Edit''On all Tasks Completed', 'Budget Threshold Reached' and 'On Contract Value Change'. 

Choose 'All Task Completed' and press [Save], you will then be presented with the 'Action' tab to add your Actions.

Fig 1 - Trigger Options

Click [New] and select the Type pf 'Send 'All Contract tasks Completed' notification'

Fig 2 - Type

You will be presented with the below screen where you can select the recipients you wish to Notify that all Tasks have been completed using the drop down list selector.

Fig  - All Tasks Complete Notification

The 'On Tasks completed' trigger will apply your rule when all the Tasks you have created for a Contract or Party have been marked as 'Complete'.  

A notification email will be sent to Recipient(s) informing them that all Tasks assigned to either the Contract or Party record have all been marked as 'Complete'.

So your Rule could be:

'On all Tasks Completed' for a <Contract>, create a <Notification> to <Judy Weeks>.

If you do not add any Criteria to your Rule, it will apply to all of your Entity records. If you wish the Rules to apply in certain circumstances, then you must specify when the rule should apply using the Criteria.

If you wish to send notification to different People based upon certain criteria, then you should make separate All Tasks complete Actions and apply them to the appropriate Automation rule.