The Clause Library will allow you to create a full Library of Clauses that you can use to create standard and bespoke Terms and Conditions for your Contracts.

The Clause Library will allow you to set a default Clause along with any Alternates required.

Once your Library is created you can create a number of Contract Templates such as 'Sales', 'NDA', 'Employment' and then build your Terms and Conditions using the Clauses you have created in the Clause Library.

These Templates can then be used to create your own Contract Document with full Terms and Conditions ready for signing.

Value Sets

There are three new Value Sets associated to the Clause Library, they can be found in the Configuration area.

Navigate to: Configuration => Define Value Sets = > Clause Library

Fig 1 - Clause Library Value Sets

Here you can define the values you wish to appear whilst using the Clause Library tools.

Clause Type:  To define the Types of Clauses you have

Contract Template Category: Define the Category of Contract Templates you can create

Placeholder: Set default placeholders that can be selected when you are creating a Contract Template

The system will not provide any default values for these sets, so these first must be created.

Once your Value Sets have been created you can start to build up your Clause Library

Clause Library

Navigate to: Configuration => Clause Library 

Fig 2 - Clause Library in the Configuration screen


Fig 3 - Clause Summary screen

The Clauses screen allows you to create Clause records and within each record you then assign a Default clause and a number of Alternatives.

Fig 4 - Clause record

Once your Clause Library is complete you can then create your Contract Templates and build up the Terms and Conditions for each one.

Contract Templates

Fig 5 - Clause Template Summary screen

The Contract Template screen will allow you to create a number of Contract Templates and build up your Terms and Conditions section by section within them.

Fig 6 - Clause Template screen

Once your Template is complete then the Contract Document can be generated.

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