If you do not have the correct cookie settings selected whilst using Chrome to access intelligencontract then this may impact you experience as you may not be able to login and some features may not respond as intended. 

Below are the recommended settings below to prevent this.  There are two options. The first is the preferred and easiest adjustment to make. 

Please check with your Information Technology department BEFORE making these changes. If your IT polices prohibit the outlined steps then the second option can be used, note this may require an IT resource to action. 

Option 1: Chrome Settings - Allow Cookies

1. Click the 3 dots
2. Choose Settings
3. Choose Privacy and Security
4. Choose Cookies and Other Site Data

5. Change the setting to either Allow all cookies or Block third-party cookies in Incognito.  

Option 2: Chrome Settings - Adding as an Exception

Please note this is a very restrictive policy and can impact your experience with other websites and cloud based software.
1. Select "Block all cookies (not recommended)"
2. Select "Add" 
3. Enter 
4. Select "Add"

if you have any further questions about these settings please contact us as support.intelligentcontract.com