On the top of the grid to the right there is an icon to open up the filters panel.  Click here and a slider will appear to the right of the screen.

Fig 1 - Show filter icon

This will list all of the columns and you can enter filter values.  You can add as many filters as you wish to the panel.  There are a couple of icons to the top of the panel to help you use the filters.

Fig 2 - Filter panel

Toggle search

When selected, a search bar will appear for you to search for specific column headers.

Fig 3 - Toggle Search

Show Active Filters

When clicked, the panel will update and only show any headers with active filters that have already been applied.

Fig 4 - Active Filters

Apply filers

This will apply all your entered filter values to the grid, only relevant records will then display in the grid

Fig - 5 - Apply filters

Clear all filters

This will remove all filters that have been entered, the grid will automatically update and show all records again.

Fig 6 - Remove filters

Close Filter panel

This icon will close the filter panel, but also if you click anywhere on the grid the panel will auto close

Fig 7 - Close filter panel